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Limited Number of Scarce Prints Released

Photo (c) Galen RowellMountain Light is pleased to announce the release of scarce prints by Galen Rowell that have been unavailable since his 2002 death.

Effective immediately, nine prints (in all sizes) of his famous photograph Machapuchare at dawn, Nepal Himalaya, Nepal (AA0010) and five 16 x 20 prints of Valley of the Ten Peaks, Banff, Canadian Rockies, Canada (AA0007) are available for sale. Both are available only as unsigned LightJet prints on Crystal Archive paper.

Photo (c) Galen RowellMachapuchare at Dawn is available in any of the following sizes:

16 x 20: $3,300 (print only)
20 x 30: $4,300 (print only)
32 x 48: $8,000 (print only)

Valley of the Ten Peaks is once again available in the 16 x 20 size at $2,800 (print only). It continues to be available in the 11 x 14, 20 x 30, and 32 x 48 sizes.

For more information or order these prints, please call the gallery at (760) 873-7700 or email us at

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